Sales Tips

Selling Your Home Sweet Home

It’s not easy to sell your home after living in it for so long and adding all your own personal touches.  Life happens though and there are plenty of reasons to move on.  Try these tips to help your house sell just a little faster.  Before the tips, just remember to put yourself in the buyers shoes.  Lots of little things that you don’t think about anymore may be someone else’s pet peeve.  So try these

# 1 Curb Appeal

Cut the grass, trim the bushes, paint a little, get some red mulch, power wash the driveway, and plant some flowers!   You don’t have to do all of that, but look walk out into the street and look at your house.  Make a short list to-do or maybe even hire someone to do a little landscaping work.  On balance a few hundred dollars spent on the front yard gives people a great first impression and that’s what you’re going for.  You need them to actually walk up to your front door.  Speaking of the front door . . .

# 2 Your Front Door

Now you’ve been walking through it for years and don’t think much of it, but this is their real first impression.  Sure folks can drive by and look at your house from the street, but the goods are inside.  The front walkup and door will be where people hang out for the first few crucial minutes.  It’s not uncommon for a realtor to have to fiddle with the lockbox and what are the buyers doing?  They’re giving your place the once over and what do they see?  Hopefully they see some fresh colorful flowers, a clean front door, swept patio, and maybe a cute yard gnome.  Spruce up the front door area a little and make that first impression stick.

# 3 Minor Fixes & Major Upgrades

Every Real Estate deal is a bit of give and take like a lotta things in life.  You can avoid lots of giving if you do minor fixes around the house.  Anything that gets someone to start looking starts that train rolling.  Why doesn’t that doorknob really lock?  What happened to that ripped screen?  Is the toilet running again?  Minor less than $100 fixes could save you from a litany of requests that add up.  And if you’re not the handiest of people don’t worry I Gotta Guy for that ;)

Major upgrades can help you sell your house faster.  Tile, wood floors, and granite counter tops are in right now and carpet is most definitely out.  Now I’m not saying go rip up your carpets tomorrow!  Don’t do that!  Plan this out and make a strategic decision.  You may not get all of your money back on these major upgrades and certainly don’t revamp the entire house and then bump your sale price waaaay up.  If your neighborhood sales do not support such a price bump then don’t even go there.  Call me and I can put you in touch with reputable and affordable contractors.  They will tell you how much it will cost, and I will tell you how much we can list it for after a FREE Comparative Market Analysis.  Then it’s your call to do it or not.

# 4 Deeee-Clutter

(Whoops, I said “Tip #3 twice in the video”)  Ok, start packing up the unessential items.  I know it’s hard living in a place you’re trying to sell.  You get that phone call and you barely have enough time to do the dishes, shove the laundry in the washer, and pick up the kids toys.  Try starting with Winter clothes.  If it’s Summer you won’t be needing those for quite a while and vice versa.  Ask hubby if he really needs that block of wood that’s been in the garage since 1999 that he’s going to use for “something”.  Books are heavy but easy to pack.  This’ll have two benefits for you 1) you’ve already packed them for the move and 2) buyers will feel the open space and fill it with their imagination.  The first place I recommend to store stuff is your garage, but if you need a little help PODS gives Century 21 a discount.

If you’ve made it this far congratulations!  Call me or Daisy Today!  and we will be happy to talk with you and start a FREE Comparative Market Analysis for you.  Have a good one and stay cool San Antonio ;)